Season 9

Season 9: Badminton

League Table | Fixtures | Rules

Season 9: League Table

2Jamie & Dan9636
3Dem & Phil9454
4Oz & Rai9454
5Jay & Rix9363
6Adrian & Sanj9181

Season 9: Fixtures

Week 1 – 4th July

CourtTeam 1SSTeam 2
1Dan & Jamie21Dem & Phil
3Jay & Rix03Pete

Week 2 – 11th July

CourtTeam 1SSTeam 2
1Pete30Oz & Rai
2Dan & Jamie21Jay & Rix

Week 3 – 18th July

CourtTeam 1SSTeam 2
1Oz & Rai12Dan & Jamie
2Pete30Dem & Phil
3Jay & Rix21Adrian & Sanj

Week 4 – 25th July

CourtTeam 1SSTeam 2
1PeteDan & Jamie
2Jay & Rix12Oz & Rai
3Dem & PhilAdrian & Sanj

Season 9: Rules

  1. Expected arrival is 8.55pm for a prompt 9pm start
    Being late impacts everyone on your court
  2. Know who you are playing this week, go to the correct court and initiate a warmup game
    Court 1 is near the rear exit on the far left as you walk in through main entrance, court 4 on the right
  3. Standard badminton rules (except we play to 15 not 21 because of limited time) and you score on a serve:
  4. Each team plays 3 games. If last game is cut short do to time running out, then whoever has the highest score by 2 points at end wins. If a game is stopped because of a genuine injury or unforeseen incident (fire alarm/broken racket, etc), a replay from current score may be requested by the losing team OR scores are taken as is.
    Additional games can be played, but only the first three count in league table (not including any warmups – feel free to have a 3 point warmup game)
  5. Official club shuttlecocks are:
    Carlton Slow (green) speed, club grade
  6. If you can’t make a game, please highlight ASAP
    Best case scenario we can get a reserve player to replace you, worst case scenario your game could be forfeited if both team members are unable to play.
  7. This main goal of this club is to have a weekly work out, a bit of competition and some fun
    In other words, be a good sport & respect each other